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30th September 2020

Dear Diary,

It occoured to me why I hate circles. I didnt tell you.

This, this is why. I am burning that into wood. It will be ok! As long as I dont burn myself. I’ll live. I wont burn myself! Although… I nearly did… Worth. It.

I have 4 boxes to do, and a toybox. Wont take me ages… I hope.

I have also had a nap, I have had my medication, and I have also managed to remember have food! That is a first…

I am watching Lucifer as I type this and daymn, Tom Ellis is perfect and adorable! Sorry boyfriend! I can look, but I wont touch haha!

Right, Time to have dinner and burn more.

Have a beatrix potter picture.

I have a lot to do! I am doinf this as a diamond art 😉 Keep an eye out for a blog on art and what I do! 😀

Have fun and enjoy today and stay safe.

Aimee x

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