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2nd Janurary 2021

Dear Diary

Well! Lets hope 2021 is better than 2020!

Concerning the teeth pain tc, well… apparently i have a tooth or 2 thats rotting away. AND I CANT GO TO A DENTISSST! Been banned from most of them… yeah not fun! ontop of that, I have a wisdom tooth coming through. yeah that shit hurts.

Can hardly open my jaw, every time I go to, it bloody kills me, im struggling toswallow, had a damn awful amount of SPIT in my mouth last night just forming every time i swallowed, even then it wouldnt all be gone if i sorted it out, now im on complan.

Im hungry, im tired, i need food, and I also need my fucking jaw to stop bein an ass and make it so i can open it more…

oh well! On the bright side, my backs staying away from the pain… for now. For now being the keyword.

Right. Ima go struggle to eat my trifle and watch my mother eat a muffin that i was really… really… REALLY looking forward to… like that fucking bubble and squeak (BACON and squeak in this family), that we had and i only had like 2 fork fulls until i had to stop… so i broke down and cried.

right. im gonna get rid of this amazing amount of saliva thats building up in my mouth and try the trifle.

speak soon!

Aimee xx

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