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28th October 2020

Dear Diary.

Today, well, Its been hard with pain. My back is fucked. Oh well! got new goodies coming soon!

A nice photo backdrop, a nice ring light, a wig, a NEW DESK (YESSSS!) and a few other bits.

All I need to do now, is, make ROOM for it all… welp I shall get there! Its a matter of time, pain and… well… Theres nothing there haha!

As I said before, its just good days and bad days… but… mainly like… bad days… yeah. its not fun. Especially today, where its like just a stabbing feeling all over me. mainly my hands, but I get that every day.

Anyways- It is dinner time, then I have to do a few bits concerning my pain and health (medication is needed! I haven’t had happy pills for 2 days… idiot)!

p.s: Yes, I like wham.



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