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28th-29th september 2020

Dear Diary

It has been a looong few days. also, I hate circles.

As I said, it has been along few days. I have been doing so much art and orders, it is unreal. But… It is so worth it! It relaxes me.

But tonight, it will be an early night.

I have done backtracing & Transferrals to orders for boxes (fun fact: I do Pyography) amd a few other bits. To be honest though, I like doing it! I dont know what it is, but, it relaxes me.

It always has. It makes me smile. It makes me feel like im being creative and ideas just flow through my brain. The other day, when I was doing some art, I had ideas for books and blogs etc. And, I loved it.

Enough of the art thing however.

I have to have oil in my right ear for the next 10 days. It is annoying…

On the bright side, I have corndogs. Tesco sold Corndogs and I was so happy.

Anyways, I’m going to get to burning these boxes. And maybe do some diamond art! Ohhhh… theres another blog idea 😉 On good ol’ Diamond art!

Aimee xx

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