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26th-27th September

Dear Diary

I have had a bad time. I’ve had to have oil in my ears, my balance is all over the shop (its a saying, bit like bull in a chinashop, BUT, have you seen that moneysupermarket advert? If not, follow this link. Come on. It’s just… odd.

I have been working on blogs! So, keep an eye out for that! There wil be more catagories popping up 😉

What else has been happening? Oh! I am writing more! I think thats something anyways 😉 Heres an excerpt!

Twenty-three years of hard work, and I am finally at where I wanted to be. The stage lights, the Tchaikovsky music. I was once that little girl sat in the audience watching in awe… now I can help another generation of children decide what they want to do. The tap of the blocks, the risk of breaking my toes, the risk of not being able to do anything later in life and being that one old person that can’t walk because of their old job, and finally, the life knowing I did what I wanted.

Pointes Of Life: Emelias story

Thats the blurb actually. I am still working on making what I have look good. When it comes up, you’ll need the password; Ballet Shoes. Uppercases needed 😉

Just give it a few months though. It will be a sample!

I am going to go work on things and leave today (and… yesterdays) diary here. Keep an eye out! 😀

Aimee x

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