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25th September 2020

Dear Diary

Today has been full of pain, and naked noodles. Oh. And deliveries.

I had 3 deliveries come today.
1: my book
2: laces
3: attends.

Then I also got paid… Universial credit. All sorted what I needed, so I now have stashed away the rest of my payment! Not that I have much… but its away. All safe and sound. Bit like my meds- cause I cant find them to save my life. Well, thats life. I’ll find them tonight probably laying under my pillow. That is normally what happens. Like, I normally put something down, and it ends up in my bed. Somehow, it always ends up in my bed. Somehow.

But, as I type, I have on the dot-a-spot stickers. 30 minutes in, it is genuinely doing something! I am really surprised! So, I shall be back at 11pm to see how it goes!

The blemish stickers went well! now- to relax

aimee x

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