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24th september 2020 (Swearing + Cringe/weirdness/period warning!)

Dear Diary

I have been in pain, tired, in pain, tired, in pain, tired… Did i mention in pain?

I know i have been lagging in updating. BUT. There is a reason. I am currently on my period. I have been like niagra fucking falls of blood. Like I am sorry to put that up, but, It’s my diary. Sorry men!

As women probably know, if they are on, it can kill you with the pain. Put you in bed, make you into mega bitch, and then about the end of the period, feeling really weird. Dont get me started on PMS (ohhh… periods might be an idea for a bog! We need to end the stigma) or the rest!

But, men, there is a way to help. Hot waterbottles, Chocolate (if they can eat it, if not, food of the womans choice), a lot of food actually, like comfort food, and just lob it at us. Especially if we are in mega bitch mode. If not, a nice cuddle, netflix or a film or something, but no chill. Trust me. It might get messy. Its not like in the films apparently.

Infact- I might leave the rest of this talk for a blog.

For the rest of the day, I chilled out. At about 8pm, I did Diamond art!

I was relitively pain free all day, But, I also got paid! In my “haul” from this payment (it was pips) I acquired:
1: The new Carrie Hope Fletcher Into The Spotlight (AND ITS SIGNED!)
2: A birthday present for my boyfriend
3: Ordered my Unus Annus merch (I’m not one to get youtuber merch, but, I love Unus Annus! Momento Mori!) I got the White Founders Hoodie in XL (If you know me, you know that I like my hoodies big and baggy for maximum comfort and maximum warmth, also, with wearing attends, I do get a bit concious, so, it helps! It also doesnt restrict me when I’m in pain) and the hourglass pin! Cannot wait!
4: dot a spot blemish stuff from beauty bay (I am a spotty lil bitch. Especially this week).
5: Attends (look out for a blog explaining that!)
6: Crochet Peter Rabbit and Jemima Puddle Duck (even though I cant crochet… what?)
7: Last, but not least, rainbow shoe laces.

Some bits, there is a explanation mainly for 4, 6 and 7.
4: I am a spotty ass bitch. Like, when I come on, its spots r us up in my mug.
6: I cant crochet. I know. BUT, I am always wanting to get into new hobbies. I also love Beatrix Potter. I know, why get it if i cant Crochet?! Well, Its Beatrix Potter. I think my arguement is valid from my point!
7: Right. So. My mum, she got new shoes. And honestly, the laces were that waxy shit. Good shoes though. Anyways, she wanted to change the laces. I have rainbow laces. And mum asked me to get them. So I did. I may have to do a blog on all things rainbow, I love rainbows.

But, as I said, the rest of the day after my nap, it was just a long nice nap.

Look out for the next one 😉

Aimee x

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