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20th October 2020

Dear Diary

Our son is settled in, and loving life! He loves belly rubs, purrs and loves snuggling up to you. Hes silky soft, has that new kitten smell, and, as we recently discovered, is a tabby void!

His mews are so purrecious!

But he got me up at 5:50 am. But, he is so precious, so sweet and just loves life! and, apparently, he likes bags especially from pawpaw johns! (Amazing food!)

I mean, the mews are so soft, but, damn his farts! Whoa mama! That stinks. So did his poo he did today! Like… omg.

If anyone knows where to get like a blossom n breeze kinda litter box smelly stuff, please tell me. Like, my boyfriend and I will thank you for it so much.

I had to come home for about 6 however due to my dad! But luckily, he seems to be better. So settled down with a pot noodle, my teddy, laptop and just got ready for bed and tomorrow to go back to bebe sit!

Oh! I also had a bath for the first time in 8 years… HEAVEN. we have a wet room… oh well.

Right im off


Aimee xx

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