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20th-23rd september 2020

Dear Diary

I know I havent been updating! Been in a bit of a bad situation with pain.

20th of september:
I know I said id update, but, I was done in and with pain so much, that it was just ridiculous. on the 19th, I went to see cats. 10 of them to be precise. and 3 puppies (blog coming about these cuties soon)!

Purrs are said to heal. And, when I left, I was so happy. Just, so many cats purring, letting me stroke them and the softness of their fur! Just beautiful! So much fluff…

After, we went to Spoons, Good paninis there! When I got home though, I was done in. I was in pain, but, im used to that! But I was still so happy.

21st September:

Thi day, I was in so much pain, it was unbelieveable. But, somehow, I was still so happy. I also had a HUGE order! So i went to pick up the boxes I needed. 4 of them, clearly, didnt fit into the trolley.
The rest of the day, I just chilled out and relaxed.

22nd September:

Design day!
Today, I brought my mac down, and got on with designing. Normally, I’d do it upstairs, but, ya know. Effort to do that at that point in time. Also, I wanted to watch Lucifer. OOF Tom Ellis!

I did that all day! So nothing really to update on!

23rd September:

I got up at about 8:30 am, And then Discovered that I had no juice left… So, I went over to tesco. I also got a lot of chocolate and snacks… like… I was HANGRY!

the rest of the day, I chilled out! Had nothing else to do really! I loved a good relax day.

Aimee x

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