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1st October 2020

Dear Diary.

I have been schedualling, writing, eating biscuits, writing more and eating more guisbits.

I have also been thinking about halloween looks! Obviously, with the situation, people might not be round, but, doesnt hurt to have a look ready!

I have been helping Vaughn-Ray Customs with orders and a lot more.

At VR Customs, we do boxes, tags, plaques etc! We also do glitter! Not glitter BOMBS though. Sorry. If you want a glitter bomb, I know a place 😉

There is a blog coming up soon about it (it will be out of schedual however) done by the founder of the company! Infact, Hes doing 3 blogs! The other 2 will be within schedual times so Tuesdays at 10 am!

I am currently waiting for dindins! Massive headache, but I am working through it. Kinda got to! If not, nothing would get done.

Chips with a bowl of saaghetti rings and sausages. That is my dinner.

Right. I am going to go enjoy dinner, and then sit in the kitchen for a few hours and BURN.

Keep safe and if you need a chat, you know where I am <3

Aimee xx

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