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18th September 2020 (swearing warning!)

Dear Diary

Today, Its been very very very very very busy.

It also has been very very very very shit. I have had nothing but pain. Neck pain. Back pain. Jaw has calmed down luckily. Leg pain. And on top of that, BODY PAIN. Why Didn’t I just put that in the first place. On top of that I have lost my glasses (yey)! This is not fun trying to type without the right colour due to being dyslexic. I will hunt for them later… Maybe I put them on my wig head? I’ll look later.

Anyways It is 4:15 pm (afternoon), and I am getting read to have dinner. No idea what yet, but I am getting ready to have dinner. Debating Burritos or Cheesy Waffles. That or a pot noodle.

This morning, around 10 Am, I popped to the local shop to pay rent, water and get some electric! That almost killed me.

About 12pm, I went for a nap. Woke up about 1:30, in so much pain, I had to get up, come down and wait for my medication time. It was 3pm. I Had to wait. I was due my happy pills anyways. I took them all at the same time. Now I am waiting here for them to kick in, STILL, while doing blogs and this Dear Diary.

So, at 4:25PM, I decided to have Cheesy Waffles! Load them up with cheese! With a little bit on the side 😉 I love cheese! I remember when Wolfie (my cat, look on the blogs for photos 😉 ) was alive! He had an obsession with cheese. He LOVED his cheese. Like, if I had cheese, he would stalk me for some. Gave him the occasional little bit, not too much. From then on, he stalked me. Now whenever I have cheese, I feel lost without him sat there just giving me those eyes like puss in boots doing those huge eyes when he begs for something in Shrek.

May I Haz Cheeze?

While I am waiting for dinner, I am watching Lucifer. Ohh Tom Ellis!

Lucifer! oof!

Ah stuff it. I’ll have Shredded Wheat. I cant be bothered cooking today. I’ll have Cheesy Waffles probably tomorrow. That or sunday. See how I feel.

So its now 6:48 PM. I have found my glasses. Which, YEY!!! I can play animal crossing on the switch now and not go crosseyed! Or have blurry vision. I love that. I ended up having Shredded Wheat.

Tonight will be Diamond art, Youtube or Netflix and maybe play on the switch! Good bit of Animal Crossing! Will be getting a couple more games when I get paid! I know what I want so that will be easy.

I had a shower too! I felt so much better too! Ok, still pain though, but, that is expected.

Right. I am going to go up, do some art and relax.



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