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18th October 2020

Dear Diary

Ah. I have finally finished burning. So… Yesterday, I went out with my boyfriend.

I dropped his box off, We went to spoons, the dessert made me sick, but, I was ok in the end!

We also went shopping, though, I wont say what for yet. You all can wait until tomorrow.

I am going to have dinner, then update more.

So, it is 10:23pm. I am packing to go see my boyfriend tomorrow and staying round his.

I had weetabix and a greggs sausage roll (frozen, Iceland/TheFood Warehouse sells them!), and now, I am writing my new thing!

So, if you know me, you know i NEVER plan, like… NEVER EVER plan my books. Home, which, is out now and published by Austin Macauley 😉 go get it, that was NOT planned. I just wrote it where it took me. Like, it was a flow thing. But, thats another blog totally.

This one, its hard to explain but, it will become more apparent when ive started writing! Its the only one i will be planning, see if it makes it better. Might not, might just mess it up, but, its worth a try.

Before I go to my boyfriends however though, I have to phone up my best friend they asked me to call them in the morning when i get up! However, i recently have started to ignore my alarms, so, it could be up to like 9am i wake up. Oh well. I can still fit a shower in!

Today has been a good, good, good day… All I need to do now is sleep! And at 11pm, I am going to retire to my bed, amd sleep till my small hearts content.

Heres a photo of me thati absaloutely love. And i bet you cant guess why 😉

As always, if anyone wants a chat, or a moan or some really bad advice, just use the contact form!

Good night & sweet dreams!

Aimee x

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